The Art of Sharing Project

Have you ever wondered if you have a gift worth sharing? Do you paint, write, sing?

Why do some have so much while others have nothing? I have a friend who taught me a wonderful lesson - We should not give to others who have nothing - we should share. It is more respectful.

With this in mind, I am using my gift - painting. In December 2009, I will host an exhibit/sale of paintings based on photos that friends have taken over the years during their trips to Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Bangladesh and more.

A percentage of any sales will be donated to PWRDF - The Anglican Primates World Relief and Development Fund - More on PWRDF later.

As I complete each painting, I will post them here, with the picture's background.


Silence is Not an Answer

Silence is Not an Answer
My first painting for PWRDF was Silence is Not An Answer. This was based on a photo taken by Mo. Marian Jefferies in Ethiopia ten years ago. The photo was shot two days before the war broke out.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

TAOS Opening

We had a sucessful opening. Archbishop Claude Miller officially opening the exhibit with introductions by Anne Walling -PWRDF, Rev. Marian Lucas-Jefferies, Heather Plett (CFGB) and myself (with a big smile)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Never Alone" SOLD

I am pleased that we have sold one of our paintings.

Monday, November 30, 2009

TAOS - "The Art of Sharing" Art Show

Well, I am finally done painting. At least for the time being. I have one to complete for my husband for Christmas. I began it years ago, so who knows if it will be ready this year.

Twleve paintings will be on display at the Kennebecasis Valley Public Library for the month of December. The artwork will get hung tommorrow night and the signage and displays will be up next Saturday.

We have got great plans for a video and powerpoint to show off our efforts and to encourage others to plan their own TAOS event.

I know I will post a note at the end of the show, but I want to thank so wonderful new friends: Rev Marian Lucas-Jefferies who inspired the show and provided great material, Heather Plett - I can't wait to meet such a talented photographer and writer who also provided photos, Carolyn Vanderlip who is unable to attend but also supplied some beautiful photos to work from. Thanks for your work behind the scenes as well. And finally to Anne Walling - a generous and hardworking woman who has put a lot of effort into this event. I don't want to forget my husband who has had so much patience while I would immerse myself in my studio.

Enjoy the show!

Last two paintings to post

This painting is called, "After the Storm" referring to Cyclone Sidr. It destroyed all of Esmile's livestock and home.

The last painting to be displayed at the show is one I painted in watercolour as a gift for Marian. it is called "Bless This Food"

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Other completed paintings for show (One more to finish tommorrow)

This is a painting of Rina and there is a heart-wrenching story of how she lost her daughter in Cyclone Sidr.

This painting is called "Never Alone". The name reflects our efforts to provide food to starving people.

"Food for Work" is about how farmers would be paid in food - part of the aid program by Canadian Food Grains Bank.

This painting by Elizabeth Cook is simply called "Home". This was a refugee camp and if you can imagine having your families live in these camps for twenty-years or so - having children born under these conditions, not knowing any other lifestyle?

Still more to post later.

Three more for art show completed

The first painting we called "Farmland". And no, we did not misname it. In this part of Ethiopia, this would be farmland. And it rivels the Grand Canyon for amazing vistas.
This painting is definately my favorite. We called it "Empty Vessels".

This smaller painting was called "Homework". Likely this young girl was about 11 years old. She was carrying a load of fuel - dung. Life is hard for everyone there, but children, especially young girls suffer very hard lives.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I was just interviewed by a lovely young woman from the Telegraph Journal - Candice MacLean. She made the process less painful. I wish I could say the same for being photographed. I will just trust Noel Chenier to pick the right photo. Did I mention that I don't like having my picture taken?

Everyone is working very hard on the show. I have three more paintings to complete this weekend. I know, I know. The show does have to be hung on Tuesday and nothing like leaving it to the last. 

Here is the press release:
The Art of Sharing Exhibition and Sale News Release by Anne Walling, PWRDFCoordinator Diocese of Fredericton

Archbishop Claude Miller of the Anglican Diocese of Fredericton will officially open an Art of Sharing exhibition and sale at the Kennebecasis Library on Dec. 8 at 11 a.m. The event celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund

(PWRDF) and features 10 evocative new paintings by Quispamsis artist Dale Cook. Her works are based on photographs by the Rev. Marian Lucas-Jefferies, Carolyn Vanderlip and Heather Plett and depict life in African and Asian countries where a stable food supply is often just a dream. The exhibition actually begins on Dec. 1 and remains at the library until the end of the month.

Ms. Cook, who chooses to use her gifts as an artist to help provide food security to vulnerable people in the third world, is inspired by photographs taken in Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. A single painting, sold at silent auction during the Diocesan Synod last June, was the inaugural Art of Sharing event in support of the Canadian FoodGrains Bank (CFGB) through PWRDF. That painting, Silence is not the Answer, was inspired by a photo taken in Ethopia by Ms.

Lucas-Jefferies just two days before war broke out in that country.

Greg Hiltz of All Saints Church in Loch Lomond was the highest bidder on that painting. He and his family felt the painting held such a spiritual quality they donated it to their Saint John church.