The Art of Sharing Project

Have you ever wondered if you have a gift worth sharing? Do you paint, write, sing?

Why do some have so much while others have nothing? I have a friend who taught me a wonderful lesson - We should not give to others who have nothing - we should share. It is more respectful.

With this in mind, I am using my gift - painting. In December 2009, I will host an exhibit/sale of paintings based on photos that friends have taken over the years during their trips to Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Bangladesh and more.

A percentage of any sales will be donated to PWRDF - The Anglican Primates World Relief and Development Fund - More on PWRDF later.

As I complete each painting, I will post them here, with the picture's background.


Silence is Not an Answer

Silence is Not an Answer
My first painting for PWRDF was Silence is Not An Answer. This was based on a photo taken by Mo. Marian Jefferies in Ethiopia ten years ago. The photo was shot two days before the war broke out.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eager to paint

I have been out of town on business and am eager to start painting again. I am glad I had this break because while I was away on conference I did three things that made a difference.

1) I did not turn on the TV

2) I listened to a relaxation CD - instrumental music that was created to help people sleep. But what it did for me was to relieve tension and stress.

3) I spent my spare time reading "The Artist's Way". it asked readers to write "Morning pages" - just scribbles of whatever came to mind. And it taught me a lot. I learned that of all the causes i wanted to support, what meant the most to me was water for all. I care deeply for education, but for many personal reasons, some too emotional for me to express right now, having good, clean and abundant water for all is important. I recommend the book - even if you are not an artist. It is a great tool.

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